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28 December 2010

I've found a new FRIEND

I love you my friend! I've got a new friend~~~ In every part of our life friends always changed. It changed according age and changed according surrounding. I love my friend for they are so lovely and fun to be with.
Its my pleasure to knew every single person in my life no matter they gave me a good or bad memories.

Friend is always the one who be with you when you needed them the most, THEY are always the one that u kept in mind although he / she is mileas away, THEY are the one who encouraged you when you fall in your life and help you to stand up again, THEY are the one that you can voice out how your love life is, THEY are the companion when you cant find any companion and THEY are the one who cares about you when your life is going smoothly too. THEY share the joy together with you. 

Real friends wont leave you when you are too busy and put them aside. THEY will put you in their heart. When you needed time to be alone, THEY gave you the space. THEY don't push hard to makes us change to become another one.

Definition of friends may vary for different person. But we needed companion in our life and we could not say NO to those who wanna become our friends. In this chapter of my life, I've got a friend. And my friend just pop out. Hahahaha~~~ Thanks for becoming my friend. Friendship is important and precious because a friend that connected with you is hard to find.

I may miss out something that is important in YOUR life, but is ok because the road still long for us to explore together!

26 December 2010

I will protect you

How great it is when someone say that 'I will protect you' when you NEEDED it the most. When the time is right and someone say that to you. WOW~~~ Its will be so heart warming. 
When you forget to bring an umbrella but someone will say 'I'll protect you' Just with and umbrella. It will be touching.
When you are so sick that you felt so tired you cant barely move to do your work and there'll be someone saying ' I'll protect you, just rest to get better'.
When you are afraid and scare of the thunder or results in your life, there is someone who will say ' I'll protect you and be here with you'. It will be so good.
When you did something wrong and you blame yourself for it and there is someone who'll say ' I'll protect you. Is ok just try it next time. You can!'. Even you feel down but the sentence make you at least minimize the hurt.

There are many situations that we can did good things to others. Not when someone asked about it but is the observations that we did. Don't care how many things will you get back in return but just help because there is a need to do it. By doing that. no matter how tired u are, the passion keeps u running. 
Raining again now...So i miss someone!!! Posted this title because i loved the picture. So touching..Sweet~~

24 December 2010

Sick Christmas Eve 2010

Feels so sick now...Sick on Christmas eve. And I have decorations and practice to do. It is done now!!! It is so so so not good. Tonight I need to go for caroling with my SEXY voice~~~Gagagaga.... Tmr I need to sing for choir and rushing here and there. So tired....

Its raining heavily this evening. I've been wondering someone in my mind...Yes sick and thinking of the someone. Maybe for the past week we sepnd so much time together with each other that makes us connected. Yet now we disconnect so we felt weird. Haha...Jus like the internet line having unstable connection. 

Flu, fever and I hope cough wont come to me. The last time I have cough makes me cant fall asleep for few nights. It is sooooooooooooooooo sick. Even medication cant help a lot. Just pray everything gets better although I've walk under the rain today. Adios~~~

Quotes > MISS is the right word to be recall of when its raining <<<

22 December 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hooray!!! Back home. It is quite weird that I'll post that my home is a sweet home. I've been in uni for 4 years and the most frequent i back home was my 1st year. When I'm still a fresh uni student. However as my time past in uni, I see lot of oppurtunity. Chances that gave my life a changed. 180degree maybe... The more things i involved the  more frequent I LESS going home. LESS call back home but once a while meet my bro and sis and spend our time together.

Dislike going home because the tense inside the family. But this time although is just a day I felt heart warming. It may happened coz i'm getting old or i become more matured. The best part of going home for me is travel. Inside KTM and LRT. Looking outnto the window...Seeing the nature outside and the sunlight that shines through the window...There is shadows on the floor, scenery outside the window. Feel happy as i'm travelling alone. Ppl in and out ( some may seem very disturbing ). The building outside that changes as time past.

As I step out of the LRT, it shud be aplace i'm used to be. However, I felt i'm a new person who reach the station. Weird but is true. As i reach home, the feeling of it is undescribable. Cooling and lovely....Dinner tonight will be great. However home sweet home is onli today. Tmr morning must back uni. Work oh work... Is alright. I'll call frequently back. 

Quote >>> Age does makes people think differently but to measure the difference that occur is not by age itself only.

20 December 2010

Current feelings

I'm currently in this position. Happy~~Loving~~Comfortable~~ And yet is not a good feeling. Having all these mood in other things is good but not in a relation. Don't know what my mind is thinking. I truly understand we started as friends. I like it. Uni life with so many things and stress but there is someone that who looks like a best friend and share the moments and a passion together. 

This makes my life easier and even funnier than all those journal reading Master students lifestyle. I scared that  i'm being comfortable with this situation that I grab it and don't wanna lose it. Then it will be a problem. I'm very conscious of what I am doing. But sometimes emotions may take over consciousness. Oh god....

There is been long time i've never felt this friendship feeling. I do have frens but sometimes we just go into their world not sharing the same world in common. How i wish to be greedy and grab it. Still laughing at myself and wondering this become an issue to me. 

If we hug a guy or kiss a guy cheek, do we reli need to be his GF to that? Well i'm not thinking the answer is YES. Why cant i gave my best fren a hug when he is guy? Why I can giv him a goodbye kiss ? Guys are human too. Maybe is just not decent. Thats all I can get in my mind. 

LOVE doesnt matter where u are, which religion u came from, which family you belongs too or how much is your salary. It just need a heart that willingly to share out the love. And in return you have many many LOVE.

LOVE fills up all the empty part in our life.

18 December 2010


Saturday afternoon and that is my post for today. Why oh why???? There is so many things in this world that left us wonder why it happened. Some may gave excuses and some may came out with proof. But we never knew how truth is it and how false the statement is. 

Government in every country need to tell lies so that a better future for the citizens could be achieved. Teacher tell good lies to students so that they won't got too disappointed when they got low marks. Couple lies to each other as a way to make everything goes smoother. We lies to friends sometimes because we scare that the truth will make us become enemy. So if God ask us in every religion not to lie, then why everyone still do it??? Sometimes we may ask ourself and others about this question, but what we got is just a comfort answer to the question. 

The main reason I wrote this post today is because I'm figuring whether i'm too naive when ppl is talking how bad my friends is to them. But I knew her and I don't have any matter with her. Well, there is some but for me  is not very important so i erased it. Telling myself I shud not judge anyone as I'm not that good too. So am I naive??? Or izit because they have miscommunication about the problem? Being a person in between and knew about the problem makes you felt lost. To believe or not to believe becomes a matter.  

So if I chosed to be in the neutral side izit better? I don't wanna be bias. And I don't want to knew too much past. The current person that I knew may be the one who changed from what happened in her past. I had a past that is BAD too. Everyone does... By looking neutrally, everything looks better. Hope so. In the end of this world being in heaven with God matter more than everythings. So, is ok that I knew it and the WHY gave me a lot dllema but it would be locked in a place that I shud not drag it out. To ensure it remain a secret. I'm an adult right now and shud be making the right choices. Not a kid that depends on what other tells me. 

To be silent does'nt mean they are stupid, but is a wiser steps to make a better way.

27 November 2010


Yes...I'm tired... After completing my RA info hunt i'm exhausted. There is continuing of job jus like water flow to me....Duh~~~ Maybe i play a lot last month so I don't feel like working. Or my working stamina has decreased... 

Kids camp is 2 weeks from now...The deco still cant be done. I'm still in the process of drafting the backdrop...Hope to make a 3D effect. And my decorations will be using recycle items. Yeah...I always wanted that! Why are we buying when we can use those recycling items. It depends on your creativity to make it looks great! Just browse through the net and there are many DIY ways of recycling things. Since many of the others member either have work, exams or stress out so I just do it. WHat I can hold on now is through the prayers to God and the strength that he gave me. Telling myself  " Is alright...Rest 1st, tmr you can work better after a good rest!". Next, singing and dance steps...Is easy steps coz its a kids camp, and still need to practice also right. Sometimes most of the ppl will think >>> Jus do as u can lo, normal adi can, its jus for kids not any show. But its God's work i'm doing here. I don't wanna be always the same spot doing those things in a NOT MOVING FORWARD WAY. How am you to change if you don't make a step ahead??? So singing for 3 days. Just hope i wont sick and pray and drink a lot of water!

Next research work is under my lecturer. And is going to be my Master thesis title. So of course i cant simply play play or my result for thesis will be like play play also. Commitment and commitment in all the things coming to me. How long can I have commitment and passion??? I don't want to lose it, but I scare I'll lost it. I'm tired...Imagine every holiday is getting experience days since my life in uni starts...There are pro and cons actuali for these 4 years. I really got more from others...On the same time I'll lose some of it like myself. Cause i prefer letting myself out to whoever or whenever ppl need me. The world is too big and yet sometime it seems too small. HAHAHAAHAH~~~ Laugh laugh laugh... Funny sayings huh? But its true.

I'll explore as long as I can and as long as the oppurtunity is there!

19 November 2010

Faithful I will Be

Jus heard the songs and this makes me decide to put the title of this post as 'Faithful I will be'.  So, what is faithful means to you? Does it means attaching urself to one in a long term? Or follow the decision made by the leader? There is many sayings about the word 'Faithful'. It always been define together with relationships and God. In this post i've been touch to talk about God.

The faihfulness from you to God is something you shud really think about. Many will says how to be faithful when we even cant see or touch God. Its not real... I cant feel it. But when you reli pray to the Almighty One and ask for help, cant you feel that He already touch your heart, already give you answer that He is by your side. The miracle of God is like mission impossible to us. We thank God when we manage to succeed in something, and remember to thank God too when you are a failure or sad. When we fail although we prayed hard for it, doens'nt mean God is not there. Its a challenge to make you a better person. And God surely know how much u can take. The limitations that we give to ourselves is just an excuse to make us feel better. You can question why you should be faithful to God?? Everyone does because we are human. But after rounds of questioning and wandering go get the answer.

It is the faithfulness that God give the blessings to us. Serve Him whenever there is opportunity. We often struggle to serve the God. There will be many circumstances around us. Or things which is out of our control. But stay calm. At this moment, you need to be faithful and patient. God won't left u aside like human does, God won't forget about you like human does. Because God always gave us hope, so we must gave others hope as well. 

Rather than staying at home and keep wandering what to do, why don't you get urself on charity. Help those who needs it, the environment issue, the child abuse, the human trafficking, the flood, the hunger, the orphans and etc..... If you would really into it, there are tonnes of work to be done. You may say its not your responsibility or you cant make a difference because you are too small. But isn't it the famous people and the successful that we read on the news were as small as us long time ago? 

Serving God is surely tired and difficult. He didn't promise that everything will goes smoothly. If we did'nt undergo obstacles, how would we be so thankful and strong later? Ponder on it. I've been serving God since 2 years ago. The miracles that He showed me make me become stronger, wiser, and better. I struggle a lot with human when dealing with God works, but how wonderful that He knew it and He heard my prayers that I could went through it. Its sometimes very lonely when serving Him, because most of the people only talk and talk rather than really doing it. You felt down, and lost passion and you pray. The moment you did that is the moment He do the magics. God is so great that i wanna give all the glory to Him.

If you are not a Christians or a Christians this is what I wanna say >>>
" When you started to make changes, you will be questioning by the ppl besides you, then you spread the answers, they will get influence by you, and you all did the same things with the same passion, then more of them got influence, and in the end you make the difference. No one know it, but its alright because the result give you a greater happiness than the popularity..." 

19 September 2010

2010 Me

There have been a long time that I didnt even post in my blog. Maybe the laziness from holiday tat stops me. And now the busyness of my life makes me continued to write it back. My post ended with a gathering. Looking back at it a few months ago the holiday was quite good. Although i don't use to give myself the REAL holiday but this time it is. But its past tense. Currently in my 1st sem of master. Hmmmm~~Its hard and its reli difficult. I dunno why i took it when i can get work. Maybe is my dream, and I have the opportunity that God blessed me. What I can say, my results is good and i got 2 awards. I'm proud of myself and i dunno how i achieve it. But I'll give all the glory to God for he always make a way for me when I encounter problems. 

However I'm still the same. Wont think that i'm genius but always being humble because the world is too big. And when u think u achieve something, its just a tiny part of what really is in the world. Master is busy with reading journals and finding articles and doing assignments. But I promise myself a little bit more that i needed to do,, which is the society and environment. To the society, I participated a few volunteer work and that make my lofe feel even greater. For the environment, I'm really glad that I knew a fren called Bernard. He always have the passion to care for the environment. He's not saying it but doing it ALL THE TIME! I joined No-polystrene campaign and i just love it. When I have time thats what I'm trying to do. People may say, "There are many out there who keep destroying the Earth, so no need work so hard la bout it". But when a person started to have passion , it gives influence to ppl around him/ her. And this passion makes 1 person become a group and then a society. So, tell urself although is your 1 person work and no one notoce is alright. There is no point to proved to others for what you did. God will always know, and yourself will always feel the happiness.

Besides all these, I've take the promise to God. To serve him in his home. The church. I'll let God use me as he wants by participating in the church. Because he love me and he gave so many blessings to a sinner like me. Sunday School committee is not easy but it let me to be patience. I undergo many obstacles, but thats the way God test me in the path He walk with me.  After my baptist this month, I'm so happy. Now i understand why people who got baptist is so emotional. I understand and I feel the same way. 

My life now is fill with passion. Tired but i love it because my tiredness is going to the right place by helping others who need it. 

21 May 2010


So wat is T-Bowl??? Its a restaurant that use a concept about toilet. So most of the people will think it is disgusting when u relate FOOD with TOILET. Yes it is...But the restaurant we are talking about is unique in its own way. You can refer to this T-Bowl and find out the location.

I heard about this restaurant quite a long time adi but I never been there. So, this time I went to gathering with my frens and found out that there is an outlet at Sg. Wang, KL. So my friend introduce us to go and had our dinner there. My first impression>>>> It is really SPECIAL... The design for the restaurant is cute and unique. Although is small but the place is cozy. There is 3kind of sitting place ( Sit on the floor like japanese style, on the toilet bowl with table or on the toilet bowl with bath tub as table ).
* The different kind of seatings
* Bath tub and toilet bowl
* The most beautiful toilet bowl.....Is shinning 
* I even open it and try to see whats inside for this post
* The speacility donut ice cream or shit ice cream ( McDonald is much more better )
* Our noodles inside toilet bowl ( Cost RM 9++ and it is not tasty at all )
* While i was eating and look up tis is wat I saw in front of me. Is freakin me out for a moment
* Miss Shue Yan which are inside toilet, sitting on toilet bowl and eating noodles in toilet bowl. ^_^
* Finally it was us who can't stop taking pictures ( 4 or 5 years no meet )

What I can review about this restaurant is the concept was great! Everyone should take a chance and go for ONCE to see the designs and decorations....But sincerely the food was BAD...I mean price is like Kim Gary but the food was not even like food we eat at normal stall. Anyway if its 1st time it will be enjoying....

13 May 2010

Couple seats that is NOT for Couple

11 MAY 2010

I went back to my KL home from UKM tat day. So as usual I took KTM to KL Central and then change to LRT to Wangsa Maju. On my way in KTM I saw many ppl like it always use to be. Young ppl who is so energetic stand on escalator instead of climbing the stairs. Is not tat hard than queeing to get on the escalator. So, I climb the stairs is faster and I am YOUNG!!! 

Without wasting my time I proceed to LRT to buy ticket. While inside LRT I saw these seats and the concept for the train has changed. It seems new for me ( reli did not take LRT for a long time ). And then i saw this seats looks like couple setas coz its RED COLOR and only 2 seats! But then there is a pair of guy and girl sitting on it. What I noticed when I look up??? I saw the signs and arrow showing the seats was for Pregnant woman, old people and sick people. There is so so so many seats inside the LRT ( coz morning not many ppl ) but they chosed to sit on that...

Couple seats that is not for couple...Then, I kindly took my phone out and snap the photos!! Haha...Paparazzi~~~

Sorry for the delay...Too sleepy till forget upload the photos when i wrote tis post!

11 May 2010

Vomit leads to embarassment...

I wrote this post because I saw one of my friends Blog about her experience seeing people vomit ( Read this ) inside KTM...Well what i wanted to say is not what I saw but what I did. Yes for the first time I did what my fren saw. And its more embarassing than ever!!!! 

That day I planned to went out with SS to MidValley. So as usual we wait for bus to KTM and then bought our ticket. Before i proceed telling all of you about this disgusting moment of my LIFE, I need to make it clear a few things...

  • Before tat I've been busy and always sleep late because there is a new admission for students to UKM. So, been taking care of them.
  • I'm not weak and it never happened like this before
  • I ate a little breakfast which is bread ( so just to tell u is not heavy breakfast )
Ok so thats what I've been through before i took KTM to our destination. We went inside the KTM as it reached, and there is no seats so we stand. After 5 minutes of standing and the shaking ( well KTM is Malaysia product and the train movement is just very wavy ) inside the KTM I felt not well. 

My head started to felt a bit dizzy @_@... I can't stand reli straight as If I don't have any energy. So I told SS and he ask me to hang on because my face really look pale and not right. Then the worse moment is I felt like wan to VOMIT!!!!! Gosh~~~~ Inside KTM...How can I do it? I don't have a plastic bags or paper bag with me. Then i told SS I really can't stand and I really need to vomit. I'm piss off with HIM at that moment coz I really need to Vomit and He asked me to Hold on...

Nature calling makes us go to the toilet and so what I did is took my hand and cover my mouth jus in case I throw it all out on the KTM floor. The funny moment is we though that when reaching Serdang station I can go out and went to washroom to throwed it all out. 

Finally while we reached the station I already give up instead to make it clear I can't hang on anymore. On the way walking out off the KTM door ( jus a few steps) I vomitted. The more embarass part is my STUFF spread out in between my fingers and reach the shirt of a man!!!! I don't care anymore as I need to get aside and make sure its all out. I'm relieved after I vomit but SS told me what i did to that man....Is reli not good to smell...Pity him and sorry but he didn't scold me or angry about it....Hiaz...What an experience....

08 May 2010

I Don't Know

So the title of the post is I don't know. There is many things tat I would like to use tis sentence to describe it.

  • Degree study already completed. So my next plan is continue Master Study....And after tat??? I don't know.
  • When want work Part time while holiday? I don't know
  • Do you want to study PhD as well? I don't know.
  • Do you want earn money while studying? I don't know
  • Is your relationship with your BF stable? I don't know
But I do know that I'm desperately missing all my fren. The transition from a busy life to a fully nothing do at all life at HOME is miserable. I don't like it. I felt useless. I felt aimless....The 3 years in Uni is really not hard. The toughest part is after Uni, because thats where ur LIFE really starts. What u wan to be and who you are going to be is on the way. Wondering how my other friends is doing now?? Entertainment and social work is the best things now...I really felt i'm living in my own planet now. Others won't know what I want and they dunno why I be like this. I really DON"T KNOW....

07 May 2010

PART 2 - The Day when we are going to be Apart

So that day there is a continuous story about me and my Roomie. We plan to go back home at night, so my Roomie need to packed stuff which still in the room. Before I and her depart to our own place, she asked me to take photos!!! Coz she may not be able to stayed in this college again after her LI finished. For 3 years roommate in KDO without change no matter what situation we had, this is the finale of everythings. 

Of course girls like camwhoring no matter in toilet, corridors or in front of the mirror ( that include US ). This short post jus are the continuation of what we did in the morning at Metro Point , Kajang. After my shower, Roomie even asked me change back tat couple shirts that we bought in the daytime to had tis photo session. ( She reli love us to be COUPLE ) Lets give Picture say all about this POST!!!

* Roomie with her leftover things from last time packing ( still a lot!!!)
* The Couple of the NIGHT =_=!!
* K2C Level 2 mirror, our key to get 2 person pictures
* Mission Impossible K2C 305
* IT's M3 > Blue Apple ( Mun Lee )
* It's Me > White Apple 
* Our Room K2C 305 ( Luckily door not open coz u wouldnt want to see how it looks like inside there...Hoho~~~)
* Yeah!!! Why are we so happy ar, Roomie??? Is toilet ok...
* Try to join our hands together...
* Ballet dance in Toilet??? Lol ^_^
* YUP its us!!! Mun Lee still dunwan take out although she went back home adi.
* While Roomie is taking her things to car I'm camwhoring with her....PAIL???Hahaha

05 May 2010

The Day when we are going to be Apart

Yup Its jus like the title. Today, 5 May 2010 is going to be the day for me and my Rommie to be apart after 3 years being roommate in University. Well although we stayed near to each other in KL but staying in the same room for so long is different feelings. We know each other good and bad ( include Bad Habits that I can say=id it out here! Dangerous ). We laugh together and do crazy stuff together and we always have the same interest when talking about karaoke! Our favourite!!!! 

So we planned to had lunch before going back to our home at Sushi King, Kajang since last nite. Both of us feels a bit not well so we want to have some 'plain' food. We went for lunch around 12.30 pm. 
* Thats wat we ate and actuali more than tat...
* There are many choices on belt that day!
* My terrible Roomie pose. ( Scary like the ghost from Japan )

Then we ate so full that we cant eat Baskin Robbins. Anyway we planned to hav an hour of Karaoke session continue with Baskin Robbins. That is one of our target that day so reli CANT MISS IT! We went to Music Box and book our room first and then oni eat Baskin Robbins. While on the way to Baskin I saw a massage cushion chair at a corner. Before this, it never appears  at there. So i hav a look and noticed it is those service like vending machine. You put RM 1 they gave u 3minutes massage on Gintel chair. So both of us tried it. Not bad...
* Gintel chair massage...She say after massage her leg cant walked ( Funny )
* My potrait of tis photo sucks!! Mun Lee makes me look like I paralyzed le...=_=!!!

Then continue the journey to Baskins. I had Mango Tango with Rum Raisins flavours and my Roomie had Chocolate blah blah ( forget the flavour ) with Vanilla. 
* There is a lot of people at Baskin since its PINKY DAY!

After that, I've been drag by my Roomie to get clothes for ourself! She chosed and I say is ok since its shirt. Its RM 40 for 2clothes. And My Roomie get the same design just that hers is BLUE and mine is WHITE. I paid without asked ( as she adi made decision ) hahahaha...The coming part is the most shocking part to me. She paid adi and walked out from the shop. Then, SHE ASKED ME TO GO TOILET AND CHANGE THE CLOTHES!!! Reli thought she is jus joking.....But at last we did it. To toilet , changed, laugh and take photo! It looks like couple shirt. 
* Me and Darling ( Roomie )...Hahaha..This is so crazy
* Thats our day out together 

The day we are going to be apart but the day we get many things....Too many food that meks us fat again~~~~ Happy to have my Roomie with me for 3 years. All those ''PRIVATE'' moments I saw and she saw about me is our little secrets that will keep in my mind forever. 1st time staying in hostel but had a great experience...Dun Worry Mun Lee you are still the top ranking in MY BLUR LISTS of name...Woohooo!!!! 

03 May 2010

A NigHt WiTh 'BiG BeLlY BoY'

Big Belly Boy had a big big belly (just a joke )...Introduce to you my fren BIG BELLY BOY!!! Or shud I say my senior...He is same age with me. A malay guy whom had darker skin color as he is a Mamak. He is passionate in helding activities and programme...He is particular in handling works ( I mean reli reli de particular till we cant stand him ) 

So We've been together as fren since Dinner KDO starts. The journey I reli understand who is him and His background. Our relation as a FREN to an INTIMATE fren ( PLS dun ever think I had feelings with him, No WAY! JUS FRENSSS) . We talked and spend many times around since then. And that makes us realise we do hav things in common and its our PROBLEMS. Hate to admit it but its true. Our family matters that keep haunting us. But mine is worse than his.

So the night we spend because he wants to share his problems so we decided to went to McD early in the midnight till 4am!!!! Can't believe it. We didn't even talked about the problems but jus chit chatting and online. Well UKM line sucks... That nite was the last nite we could be together before each of us head back to our own world. The world where we left for a long time, and its hard to face it. Especially after we spend most of the time with different people and Now we need to face a different people for a LIFE TIME.

So I had my McFlurry Oreo and he had his Orange juice ( which is sour to him ). Cozy and relaxing surrounding... I think its hard when we had to say GOODBYE but without GOODBYE there is no way we met each other. I enjoyed the moment with Big Belly Boy as he always say how handsome he is, how macho or stylish he is...And guess what, He even called himself OSCAR WINNER!!!  Gosh... But that the moment I remembered him the most. Best of luck for BBB in everything. 

* My McFlurry Oreo and Laptop obviously FB-ing
* Big Belly Boy is Him 
* Makes me wait 15min and keep talking and talking like he always used to be ( mulut murai sgttttttt)

02 May 2010

Packing Mountain Packing Sea

DON"T MISTAKEN, this blog doens't teach u how to pack a mountain or sea

Yup...Usuali Chinese will says 'Ppl mountain ppl sea' to define the mass amount of people around them..Like we heard before during public holidays, traffic jam and accidents. When there is many people around so ppl makes use of this idioms. Well why do I use PACKING instead of PEOPLE??? We'll talk about this in today's post.

The packing refered to my things and belongings tat I packed on 30 April 2010. Its my last day as a student in my hostel in UKM.Everyone is leaving including me and my roommate. Last semester when we change room our things is 'MANY' ....and now when we need to check out from the room and bring all the stuff back home.....I only can use the idioms above to defined it! Huge crowd of our stuffs...The nite before i've been worrying how to packed it and I just cant even imagine how many packets and boxes of rubbish I need to bring home. However, today I knew it...The RESULT is in front of me....Every frens came to my room and open their HUGE HUGE mouth. Its jus got them so excited and suprise...See this!!!

* The starts of my PACKING journey...( Pls dun look so details on the clothes tat I had )

* Thats my notes and books for 3 years in UKM 

* SEEEEE I told u it is terrible...( thats my roommate and hope she didnt saw tis pic ), pinky bag is my clothes and boxes is my books

* All these with paper bags is my Roommate packing...Hoho...( I pray Mun Lee tak nampak pls )

* The FINALE....The end!!!

WOW thats the end of 3 years hardwork in Uni...And of all the rubbish I had I found the most precious one is MY ROOMMATE!!!! Haha..She is the one always by my side ( or shud I say most of time ) when I'm at room. Tq for the crazy moments and the Packing Mountain Packing Sea experience together...Its jus too too too tired loading all these stuff to car and off car....Thanks to Mr Siew Sin for being such a gentleman to help me and my roomy carry all the packings to the Car...Tired now need a gd sleeeeppp after I arrange all of it in my KL room...Da~~