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19 September 2010

2010 Me

There have been a long time that I didnt even post in my blog. Maybe the laziness from holiday tat stops me. And now the busyness of my life makes me continued to write it back. My post ended with a gathering. Looking back at it a few months ago the holiday was quite good. Although i don't use to give myself the REAL holiday but this time it is. But its past tense. Currently in my 1st sem of master. Hmmmm~~Its hard and its reli difficult. I dunno why i took it when i can get work. Maybe is my dream, and I have the opportunity that God blessed me. What I can say, my results is good and i got 2 awards. I'm proud of myself and i dunno how i achieve it. But I'll give all the glory to God for he always make a way for me when I encounter problems. 

However I'm still the same. Wont think that i'm genius but always being humble because the world is too big. And when u think u achieve something, its just a tiny part of what really is in the world. Master is busy with reading journals and finding articles and doing assignments. But I promise myself a little bit more that i needed to do,, which is the society and environment. To the society, I participated a few volunteer work and that make my lofe feel even greater. For the environment, I'm really glad that I knew a fren called Bernard. He always have the passion to care for the environment. He's not saying it but doing it ALL THE TIME! I joined No-polystrene campaign and i just love it. When I have time thats what I'm trying to do. People may say, "There are many out there who keep destroying the Earth, so no need work so hard la bout it". But when a person started to have passion , it gives influence to ppl around him/ her. And this passion makes 1 person become a group and then a society. So, tell urself although is your 1 person work and no one notoce is alright. There is no point to proved to others for what you did. God will always know, and yourself will always feel the happiness.

Besides all these, I've take the promise to God. To serve him in his home. The church. I'll let God use me as he wants by participating in the church. Because he love me and he gave so many blessings to a sinner like me. Sunday School committee is not easy but it let me to be patience. I undergo many obstacles, but thats the way God test me in the path He walk with me.  After my baptist this month, I'm so happy. Now i understand why people who got baptist is so emotional. I understand and I feel the same way. 

My life now is fill with passion. Tired but i love it because my tiredness is going to the right place by helping others who need it.