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30 April 2010

Ice Kacang Puppy Love

Yes the title for today's post is about movie... It is our Malaysia movie! Went to watch it with my frens WK and PS again to Jusco Cheras Selatan. There is not many place to go when u study in UKM ( kampung area ) besides Alamanda at Putrajaya ( mostly Malay )...

Before we went for movie WK and PS fetch me from college and went to take my binded Thesis. Yes, my BABY THESIS finally is finished!!! Such a hard time I've ben through to make it complete. After tat we decided to packed lunch to eat inside the cinema ( HAHA LUCKILY SUCCESS )...I bough breads and they bought KFC again...Kinda bored eating fastfood. Then we meet JG with her 1st time GF...Haha finally I can meet b4 we went back hometown...From Um de...I think she is cute....

So, talking bout the movie. Its very obvious the movie is about RoMAnCe but not like Ra-ra ro ma ma ga ga oh lala~~~^_^ I tot it will like most of the story tat the hero will die and very pity...However its not and they dun even be together at all...Reli Puppy love...I love Fish Leong songs but her characteristic inside the movie is not good. Silent all the time, dun see her talk aso. Keep on biting on the straw....Duh~~~ Gary was very funny!!! His appearance does make a big difference with wat he is on the TV tat I saw. While Ah Niu had always be a good artist although he is not on the FAMOUS path....And the funniest part in this movie is Ah Niu's sister!!! Give her a big big clap!!! Her makeup is reli authentic and I believe no ppl will did tat on First date...Lee Xin Jie in the other hang had grab a few awars from overseas so of course her is the best! 

To shorten it...My expectation to this movie is nt reli high but I'm satisfied with it. The actor was a great team....Hope tat Malaysia will produce more and more movies like this. I believe the positive attitude can bring us forward to a brighter future, SUPPORT the movie pls!!!! 

The movie finished and I went back.Something gt my mind which is a cushion...Feels so nice so I bought it for RM 11.90 from Jusco.Feel so tired. Instead sleeping I continue FB-ing in room.. Jus cant get it out of my head d d d d d ddddddd
* Tis is my new small bantal

*ALL my plushies and dolls and pillow seems so matching and COLORFUL

29 April 2010

Fabulous Outing

Gonna use BLUE color for my post tonight coz its my favourite color! Well today is Wednesday that means It's Pink Day for BR ( my all time favourite ), Ladies night for sing k, cheap movie tickets and SPEND MONEY DAY! Coz there are so many gd things of course wednesday is the best day for outing. However, I onli went to sing k at GreenBox Cheras Selatan with Mun Lee ( roommate ), Wai keet and Phui See coz JG dumped me again coz he had meetings. 

* My look for tat day...Getting fatter and chubby adiiiiii....

So we booked our room for 4ppl at 5pm to sing k...Is my all time favourite...I still remember i sing for 5hours non stop and still alive.Hoho....I like singing a lot not tat my dream to become singer bt I jus LOVE to sing...How is my voice??? I'll say is not bad....Wan to hear me sing??? U are most welcome!!!! Continue my story bout the outing.... So we ate KFC b4 singing and it jus repeated the same things we did the last time we went out together. Coincidence tat is nt so coincidence coz the rest of the day we reli did the SAME thing...Then we went to Watson coz still got 20min b4 our sing k activity starts and PS with WK saw one interesting thing...Is blacky and with holes and 3of us is using it but in a different design. Is a SPECTACLE  with many small holes on the glasses part... It stated is Good for eyes tat are short sighted and..... Worth RM 79.90 U'll understand wat I mean after u saw these pic....And when u wear it, U found it so unbelievable tat actuali U can see things like u wear spec...

* PS with her cool look

* WK with his happy smile to hope tat the spec reli works

We waited Mun Lee which is late and then sing till 9pm. Many Hakka song today as WK and PS so so so de craving for it...And its jus so CLASSIC.(although is sound like they are singing faulty language songs ) Guess wat lucky things happened? The cashier jus count the price for 3 ppl although we hav 4ppl inside!!! Thats a GREAT GREAT things...U can hav a look at my frens 
 * Act cute de PS ( SKELETON )

 * WK in pink although no eat BR

* ML tat is not in gd condition tat day to sing k ( If nt u can see ARMAGEDON de performance by her )

After tat we walki around and at last all had no ideas wat to do so we head to eat. Noodles tat WK and PS introduce was nice! But sorry coz I forget to took the photo. Next time I will, Promise!!! The last happening ( nightmare ) tat happened is tat ML seems to driving like Initial D Takumi Fujiwara, the skilled is jus too GOOD till I cant reli describe. The actual story is ML too tired and ran over the red light. When she jus noticed she step hard on the brake tat makes her Wira to DRIFT !!!! It scare WK and PS in another car as well since they saw wat happen. Reli shud not ever ever let my roomie go out with me when she is tat tired. Or else, I either lose my life or i lose my soul coz adi wander out from my body with things like tat.

Tats all for today's blogging and I'm quite tired after Video cam with WK and PS to get some tips for slimming my arms...Hope it reli works or else i'm going to post a special Blog for her in here!!!!Hahaaha...This coming few days have more activities to come!!! Gute Nacht!!!

28 April 2010

Nail Art and McD Breakfast

Me 1 AM in the middle of the night shud be sleeping beauty to keep away those eyebag and pimples...However, I saw Reiko's blog and decided to do some Nail Art tat i didn't do for quite a long time....And I found out tats jus Pink, light purple and glitter in my college drawer....So???? Thats wat I'm going to used. After I got the color i've been thinking wat design shud I try tis time ( although b4 this I don't get a really nice one ). At last this is wat I did.
*Painted my nails with PINK bold on top and glitter on the bottom

*So this is my toe tat i painted all Pinkish with some Glitters on top

Not reli nice though but jus try to paint it out. Maybe i shud find out where the other colors went and I can plan to paint a NEW one...Hoho...So tats the short post bout Nail Art tat doesn't reli seems like art...Forgive me for tat. 
Next is McD breakfast at Kajang. Near my study place tats the nearest so 6am I and Siew Sin planned to woke up and head off to McD for their cheap and tasty Breakfast! After reached there, I realised the streets was very and I mean VERY in a capital letter mode peace and silent...

Usually Kajang will be loads of buses and cars tat u won't planned to go there. Incredibly Jam~~~~ But now I realise how nice it is to be there early in the morning. It jus shoked me how empty the streets can be. 

Then we enter McD. Siew sin ordered Egg McMuffin and Coffee while I ordered HOTCAKES and tea!!! Both of us refilled the drink and head back to UKM as he need to go to work. He is late on tat day but I guess he'll be fine...I'm Lovin it!!! Refreshing morning with a good breakfast makes me feel more energetic!

27 April 2010

Malaysia VS Gossip Girl???

A few weeks past about the new saying how bad GG had affected our teenager life in Malaysia. Is staed NOT PROPER for teenager to woc because it will ruined their thoughts. I woc Gossip Girl since the first season. I jus love how the teenagers connect in the story from family, friends to love...For a person like me who fall in love with Romance story this is what I chosed. Seasons 1 about this story plays around High school in Manhattan's Upper Eastside New York city. And the secret in this drama lies within the so called Gossip girl that NO ONE EVER KNOW WHO....All the students get messages or text from this source tat tell every single story about the Hot boy and girls in tat city. The slogan always u heard is Scandalous life of Manhattan elite! The actor and actress in this story is AWESOME!!! Handsome, pretty, elegant, cool and wat else could u say..U'll jus love it after u step forward to hav a look on this drama.

  • Serena Van Der Woodsen ( Blake Lively )
  • Blair Waldrof (Leighton Meester)
  • Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick )
  • Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford)
  • Dan Humphrey (Daniel Randolph)
  • Jenny Humphrey

The prob is not about the storyline.... I'm wise in thinking ( at least nt stupid ). If U reli go through the story you will realise that the life in GG teached the teenager especially those who is richhhhhhh how to live a life to its fullest way. There is the plot of the story with beer, drugs and exchanging couples. But dun u think the teenager out there is not doing the same thing in Malaysia????? Pls la....Move forward a bit. It doesn't washed their brain about the REAL things tat is reli happening in this world. Jus tat we stayed in Malaysia doesn't mean the people here is more sincere or better than the Western. I'm proud of who I am but I need to update myself with wat is happening out there = cruel world....

In fact the latest episode i saw GG in season 3 told us to appreaciate ourself and love and friendship is reli important to help us get in line. U may cut all the 18sx scene but how bout internet?? Teenager access to it everyday and the more u stop them the more it will become worst. Its parents and ppl around the teenagers affect their life nt fully blame on drama. It may not be your cup of tea but it is for me....So, do woc this drma and I strongly recommend to all of u!!!  


26 April 2010

Geng ati kering

Hello!!!!! Firstly thanks to my parents for giving birth to me, to my siblings tat keep on bully me although i'm the oldest among them ( I'm still young thou ) to my frens tat....Opppsssss...Wrong opening coz I jus active back here...Shud i post in BM or BI???? Depends on title i guess...So this will be BM to maintain the authentic of the text...
Ya tajuk ni Geng Ati Kering...Cik Rossoneri dlm blog dreamy tu ejaan ATI kering ya bkn HATI utk nmpk *special* geng ni...So let us jump kpd member dlm geng ini:

  • Tauke @ Ketua = Cik Looby pejai yg slalu berangan2 dgn bolo-bolonya...Perwatakannya suka tukar bj. I ckp ni sbb ada satu kali tu Miss Pejai ni tertinggal stain kat bj kurungnya ( sgt sedikit sampai org lain pon tak nmpk ) pastu dia nak blk ke kolej yg dlm hutan tu semata2 utk tkr bj dan dtg blk ke kelas. Menurutnya, "kalau bj kotor mcm ni i tak le sembahyang". I la plk hairannnya gi tanya miss Kuey teow dan br la i tau tak de ajaran mcm ni...Mayb tu jus amalan dia kot. Tp apapon dia tetap tauke yg suka berangan!!!
  • Seterusnya ialah pengikut skalian bg Geng ni... Kuey teow la...Miss Kueyteow ni dpt nama mcm ni sbb dia suka sgt mkn Kuey Teow kungfu tp muka sikit pon tak nmpk mcm kuey teow yg halus tu...Flashback story dia, dgn Si Apek ( jejaka pilihannnya DAHULU tp skrg Miss da berpunya ). Love story Miss Kuey Teow ni cikitttttttttttt pon tak mencabar...Miss tunggu dan tunggu dan tunggu je...Ok la puji je dia ni penyabar orgnya dr segi cinta. Tp dr segi behaviour dlm class....Pergh....Pemalu je..Pastu nak jdkan Lieza tu abgnya...Jeles btl...Pd halnya Miss ni da jd bini i...Mana blh berABG.2 dgn org lain... Rasa tak puas hati membara di dlm hati bagai Gunung berapi yg nak meletup
  • Nextnya, namanya Kenit @ bdk kecik....Sbb ketinggiannya yg mengalahkn semua bdk dlm class Linguistik! Kenit ni tak abbis2 plk suka PLAN 'ronggeng' je...Gi shopping gi karaok and kalau kat Kajang je asyik main bowling je...No other choices. Mklmlah Kajang = Kampg Amat Janggal And Not Grand so tu jela tmpt yg ada utk buat aktiviti meronggeng. Kalau nak buat kajian statistik terhdp Kenit ni pasti berjaya sbb dlm 1 minggu tu hampir 5 ari bekerja dia gi Kajang je...Adalah mslh cinta yg menunggu atinya yg sunyi, konon nak dpt ubat utk kuatkn semgt studynya. Kalau nak tulis psl dia blh buat tesis jdnya...So dlm post lain je i cerita lebih lanjut
  • Sampai la sy iaitu Ah Wan...Tak best btl nama ni sbb tak sesuai dgn watak I yg peramah, baik hati, bertoleransi, cantik, penyabar dan byk lg yg sewaktu dengannya. Hahaahhaha...Tu kena gariskn kalau tak ada je yg tak puas ati sbb jelessssss sgt sgt sgt. I je la seorg je Cina dlm Geng yg seperti telah Dimelayukan dgn tradisi member2 lain. Time sembhyg i la ingatkn, time nak buat sst tu i la tegur supaya tak buat dosa....Haha mmg kelakar komunikasi 2 hala antara I dgn member yg lain. Kalau nak tau satu ari bersama I tak pernah dia org gelak dgn Ujaran I yg istimewa itu...
  • Miss Pontianak la next @ Rossoneri. Kalau nak tau dia lah membuatkn semgt i berkobar2 utk UPDATE blog ni...Katanya nak dpt duit utk belanja I mkn ice cream so dia kena active blogging slalu. Faizal tahir la i blh relate dgn bdk ni. Suka gila2 dia kata mamat tu...Ntah la...Taste dia. Pastu pandai plk berbhs Jepun dan ajar kita skali. Kalau org Jepun sblm mkn mesti ckp' √≠tadakimas', so Pontianak ajar la kita. Ada bdk namanya Pau plk blh buat transliterasi bunyi tu menjd 'cuci kaki dan tangan'.....Ntah la apa telinga dia dah jd sampai tahap mcm tu penafsirannya...Mungkin mkn pau byk sgt...Lg satu Pontianak ni la pembawa H1N1 dlm class kita...Kalau nak tau sepanjang thn dia batuk la selsema la...Ada je virus suka melekat kat dia...Suara pon time karok jdlah makin seksi...
  • Member next i tak brp suka dan blh dikira sbg musuh tp dia ahli br kena masukkan jgk. Namanya Lieza atau Abg KC....Kata Miss kuey teow dia hansem...( Muntah i dgr!!!) Tp KC ni baik orgnya...Suka tlg kwn ( sbb tu miss Kueyteow I dirampas begitu shj ). Dia la photographer utk class br2 ni. Sbb dah nak grad dr sini so setiap masa kamera ada bersamanya...U panggil je ''Abggggggggggg......" then apa2 pon akan ditunaikannya...Tp suara kena gedik tau. Hahahahaha....
Tu la semua meber nya buat masa skrg...Tp member yg sikit ni bila berkumpul dah cukup blh buat lawak sampai perut pecah dan berguling2 di atas lantai...Nama Geng ini ada ciri ciri tertentu yg berpadanan dgnnya.
- sehati sejiwa antara ahli
- Ati kena 'keras'
- bunyi 'tonotonotono~~~''
- mulut laser
- Cinta bkn segala2nya
- berhati mulia
- Pandai mengumpat dan berjenaka!

Sbrg aduan oleh member Geng Ati kering mengenai tuduhan  atas tak akan dilyn...*PEACE*