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27 November 2010


Yes...I'm tired... After completing my RA info hunt i'm exhausted. There is continuing of job jus like water flow to me....Duh~~~ Maybe i play a lot last month so I don't feel like working. Or my working stamina has decreased... 

Kids camp is 2 weeks from now...The deco still cant be done. I'm still in the process of drafting the backdrop...Hope to make a 3D effect. And my decorations will be using recycle items. Yeah...I always wanted that! Why are we buying when we can use those recycling items. It depends on your creativity to make it looks great! Just browse through the net and there are many DIY ways of recycling things. Since many of the others member either have work, exams or stress out so I just do it. WHat I can hold on now is through the prayers to God and the strength that he gave me. Telling myself  " Is alright...Rest 1st, tmr you can work better after a good rest!". Next, singing and dance steps...Is easy steps coz its a kids camp, and still need to practice also right. Sometimes most of the ppl will think >>> Jus do as u can lo, normal adi can, its jus for kids not any show. But its God's work i'm doing here. I don't wanna be always the same spot doing those things in a NOT MOVING FORWARD WAY. How am you to change if you don't make a step ahead??? So singing for 3 days. Just hope i wont sick and pray and drink a lot of water!

Next research work is under my lecturer. And is going to be my Master thesis title. So of course i cant simply play play or my result for thesis will be like play play also. Commitment and commitment in all the things coming to me. How long can I have commitment and passion??? I don't want to lose it, but I scare I'll lost it. I'm tired...Imagine every holiday is getting experience days since my life in uni starts...There are pro and cons actuali for these 4 years. I really got more from others...On the same time I'll lose some of it like myself. Cause i prefer letting myself out to whoever or whenever ppl need me. The world is too big and yet sometime it seems too small. HAHAHAAHAH~~~ Laugh laugh laugh... Funny sayings huh? But its true.

I'll explore as long as I can and as long as the oppurtunity is there!

19 November 2010

Faithful I will Be

Jus heard the songs and this makes me decide to put the title of this post as 'Faithful I will be'.  So, what is faithful means to you? Does it means attaching urself to one in a long term? Or follow the decision made by the leader? There is many sayings about the word 'Faithful'. It always been define together with relationships and God. In this post i've been touch to talk about God.

The faihfulness from you to God is something you shud really think about. Many will says how to be faithful when we even cant see or touch God. Its not real... I cant feel it. But when you reli pray to the Almighty One and ask for help, cant you feel that He already touch your heart, already give you answer that He is by your side. The miracle of God is like mission impossible to us. We thank God when we manage to succeed in something, and remember to thank God too when you are a failure or sad. When we fail although we prayed hard for it, doens'nt mean God is not there. Its a challenge to make you a better person. And God surely know how much u can take. The limitations that we give to ourselves is just an excuse to make us feel better. You can question why you should be faithful to God?? Everyone does because we are human. But after rounds of questioning and wandering go get the answer.

It is the faithfulness that God give the blessings to us. Serve Him whenever there is opportunity. We often struggle to serve the God. There will be many circumstances around us. Or things which is out of our control. But stay calm. At this moment, you need to be faithful and patient. God won't left u aside like human does, God won't forget about you like human does. Because God always gave us hope, so we must gave others hope as well. 

Rather than staying at home and keep wandering what to do, why don't you get urself on charity. Help those who needs it, the environment issue, the child abuse, the human trafficking, the flood, the hunger, the orphans and etc..... If you would really into it, there are tonnes of work to be done. You may say its not your responsibility or you cant make a difference because you are too small. But isn't it the famous people and the successful that we read on the news were as small as us long time ago? 

Serving God is surely tired and difficult. He didn't promise that everything will goes smoothly. If we did'nt undergo obstacles, how would we be so thankful and strong later? Ponder on it. I've been serving God since 2 years ago. The miracles that He showed me make me become stronger, wiser, and better. I struggle a lot with human when dealing with God works, but how wonderful that He knew it and He heard my prayers that I could went through it. Its sometimes very lonely when serving Him, because most of the people only talk and talk rather than really doing it. You felt down, and lost passion and you pray. The moment you did that is the moment He do the magics. God is so great that i wanna give all the glory to Him.

If you are not a Christians or a Christians this is what I wanna say >>>
" When you started to make changes, you will be questioning by the ppl besides you, then you spread the answers, they will get influence by you, and you all did the same things with the same passion, then more of them got influence, and in the end you make the difference. No one know it, but its alright because the result give you a greater happiness than the popularity..."