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28 December 2010

I've found a new FRIEND

I love you my friend! I've got a new friend~~~ In every part of our life friends always changed. It changed according age and changed according surrounding. I love my friend for they are so lovely and fun to be with.
Its my pleasure to knew every single person in my life no matter they gave me a good or bad memories.

Friend is always the one who be with you when you needed them the most, THEY are always the one that u kept in mind although he / she is mileas away, THEY are the one who encouraged you when you fall in your life and help you to stand up again, THEY are the one that you can voice out how your love life is, THEY are the companion when you cant find any companion and THEY are the one who cares about you when your life is going smoothly too. THEY share the joy together with you. 

Real friends wont leave you when you are too busy and put them aside. THEY will put you in their heart. When you needed time to be alone, THEY gave you the space. THEY don't push hard to makes us change to become another one.

Definition of friends may vary for different person. But we needed companion in our life and we could not say NO to those who wanna become our friends. In this chapter of my life, I've got a friend. And my friend just pop out. Hahahaha~~~ Thanks for becoming my friend. Friendship is important and precious because a friend that connected with you is hard to find.

I may miss out something that is important in YOUR life, but is ok because the road still long for us to explore together!

26 December 2010

I will protect you

How great it is when someone say that 'I will protect you' when you NEEDED it the most. When the time is right and someone say that to you. WOW~~~ Its will be so heart warming. 
When you forget to bring an umbrella but someone will say 'I'll protect you' Just with and umbrella. It will be touching.
When you are so sick that you felt so tired you cant barely move to do your work and there'll be someone saying ' I'll protect you, just rest to get better'.
When you are afraid and scare of the thunder or results in your life, there is someone who will say ' I'll protect you and be here with you'. It will be so good.
When you did something wrong and you blame yourself for it and there is someone who'll say ' I'll protect you. Is ok just try it next time. You can!'. Even you feel down but the sentence make you at least minimize the hurt.

There are many situations that we can did good things to others. Not when someone asked about it but is the observations that we did. Don't care how many things will you get back in return but just help because there is a need to do it. By doing that. no matter how tired u are, the passion keeps u running. 
Raining again now...So i miss someone!!! Posted this title because i loved the picture. So touching..Sweet~~

24 December 2010

Sick Christmas Eve 2010

Feels so sick now...Sick on Christmas eve. And I have decorations and practice to do. It is done now!!! It is so so so not good. Tonight I need to go for caroling with my SEXY voice~~~Gagagaga.... Tmr I need to sing for choir and rushing here and there. So tired....

Its raining heavily this evening. I've been wondering someone in my mind...Yes sick and thinking of the someone. Maybe for the past week we sepnd so much time together with each other that makes us connected. Yet now we disconnect so we felt weird. Haha...Jus like the internet line having unstable connection. 

Flu, fever and I hope cough wont come to me. The last time I have cough makes me cant fall asleep for few nights. It is sooooooooooooooooo sick. Even medication cant help a lot. Just pray everything gets better although I've walk under the rain today. Adios~~~

Quotes > MISS is the right word to be recall of when its raining <<<

22 December 2010

Home Sweet Home

Hooray!!! Back home. It is quite weird that I'll post that my home is a sweet home. I've been in uni for 4 years and the most frequent i back home was my 1st year. When I'm still a fresh uni student. However as my time past in uni, I see lot of oppurtunity. Chances that gave my life a changed. 180degree maybe... The more things i involved the  more frequent I LESS going home. LESS call back home but once a while meet my bro and sis and spend our time together.

Dislike going home because the tense inside the family. But this time although is just a day I felt heart warming. It may happened coz i'm getting old or i become more matured. The best part of going home for me is travel. Inside KTM and LRT. Looking outnto the window...Seeing the nature outside and the sunlight that shines through the window...There is shadows on the floor, scenery outside the window. Feel happy as i'm travelling alone. Ppl in and out ( some may seem very disturbing ). The building outside that changes as time past.

As I step out of the LRT, it shud be aplace i'm used to be. However, I felt i'm a new person who reach the station. Weird but is true. As i reach home, the feeling of it is undescribable. Cooling and lovely....Dinner tonight will be great. However home sweet home is onli today. Tmr morning must back uni. Work oh work... Is alright. I'll call frequently back. 

Quote >>> Age does makes people think differently but to measure the difference that occur is not by age itself only.

20 December 2010

Current feelings

I'm currently in this position. Happy~~Loving~~Comfortable~~ And yet is not a good feeling. Having all these mood in other things is good but not in a relation. Don't know what my mind is thinking. I truly understand we started as friends. I like it. Uni life with so many things and stress but there is someone that who looks like a best friend and share the moments and a passion together. 

This makes my life easier and even funnier than all those journal reading Master students lifestyle. I scared that  i'm being comfortable with this situation that I grab it and don't wanna lose it. Then it will be a problem. I'm very conscious of what I am doing. But sometimes emotions may take over consciousness. Oh god....

There is been long time i've never felt this friendship feeling. I do have frens but sometimes we just go into their world not sharing the same world in common. How i wish to be greedy and grab it. Still laughing at myself and wondering this become an issue to me. 

If we hug a guy or kiss a guy cheek, do we reli need to be his GF to that? Well i'm not thinking the answer is YES. Why cant i gave my best fren a hug when he is guy? Why I can giv him a goodbye kiss ? Guys are human too. Maybe is just not decent. Thats all I can get in my mind. 

LOVE doesnt matter where u are, which religion u came from, which family you belongs too or how much is your salary. It just need a heart that willingly to share out the love. And in return you have many many LOVE.

LOVE fills up all the empty part in our life.

18 December 2010


Saturday afternoon and that is my post for today. Why oh why???? There is so many things in this world that left us wonder why it happened. Some may gave excuses and some may came out with proof. But we never knew how truth is it and how false the statement is. 

Government in every country need to tell lies so that a better future for the citizens could be achieved. Teacher tell good lies to students so that they won't got too disappointed when they got low marks. Couple lies to each other as a way to make everything goes smoother. We lies to friends sometimes because we scare that the truth will make us become enemy. So if God ask us in every religion not to lie, then why everyone still do it??? Sometimes we may ask ourself and others about this question, but what we got is just a comfort answer to the question. 

The main reason I wrote this post today is because I'm figuring whether i'm too naive when ppl is talking how bad my friends is to them. But I knew her and I don't have any matter with her. Well, there is some but for me  is not very important so i erased it. Telling myself I shud not judge anyone as I'm not that good too. So am I naive??? Or izit because they have miscommunication about the problem? Being a person in between and knew about the problem makes you felt lost. To believe or not to believe becomes a matter.  

So if I chosed to be in the neutral side izit better? I don't wanna be bias. And I don't want to knew too much past. The current person that I knew may be the one who changed from what happened in her past. I had a past that is BAD too. Everyone does... By looking neutrally, everything looks better. Hope so. In the end of this world being in heaven with God matter more than everythings. So, is ok that I knew it and the WHY gave me a lot dllema but it would be locked in a place that I shud not drag it out. To ensure it remain a secret. I'm an adult right now and shud be making the right choices. Not a kid that depends on what other tells me. 

To be silent does'nt mean they are stupid, but is a wiser steps to make a better way.