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25 January 2010

6 Days before Jan ends

Starts my January blogging with blue color wordings which i like it. Its 6 days b4 Jan ends that means Feb is coming. Since this semester starts many things happened and many things I've learned. Time pass by very fast thats why it is so precious to human. Another few days need to pass up Master application form, another 1 week need to go for fieldwork in Penang, and another 1 month KDO dinner. Wow~~~How to get through it? I dunno....Reli dunno. Sometimes I may regret for the responsibilities that I took but in another hand thats my choice. To become a better person I need all this better 'stress' . If I never ever take this position I may have more time for myself, more time sing k, more time for thesis and more time do charity. Thats what i think...However I'm glad because my friends always with me and helping me a lot. Credits for those who helped me!!! What else to say???? I need to finish my draft thesis tonight so that I won't disappoint my Supervisor and myself again. Go go go~~ Bye lolololo