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24 December 2010

Sick Christmas Eve 2010

Feels so sick now...Sick on Christmas eve. And I have decorations and practice to do. It is done now!!! It is so so so not good. Tonight I need to go for caroling with my SEXY voice~~~Gagagaga.... Tmr I need to sing for choir and rushing here and there. So tired....

Its raining heavily this evening. I've been wondering someone in my mind...Yes sick and thinking of the someone. Maybe for the past week we sepnd so much time together with each other that makes us connected. Yet now we disconnect so we felt weird. Haha...Jus like the internet line having unstable connection. 

Flu, fever and I hope cough wont come to me. The last time I have cough makes me cant fall asleep for few nights. It is sooooooooooooooooo sick. Even medication cant help a lot. Just pray everything gets better although I've walk under the rain today. Adios~~~

Quotes > MISS is the right word to be recall of when its raining <<<


rossoneri said...

amboi bukan main rindu 'someone' sampai sakit2 hahahaha...

MErry Merry christmas!!!!!...

IceCreamLover09 said...

Ya lor...Jgn jeles... Sampai selesema dah..

Thanks !!!