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12 April 2011

The only Exam Paper

Tmr is going to be my only exam paper for my Master studies coz after this it would only be thesis. So exam means read and memorize for the sake of squeezing it out to score. I think mostly of us agree with that. 

By squeezing all the knowledge we studies for the whole semeester on one day is reli stress up. But this paper i still think is ok. So, not that stress but then must keep ourself in a stress situation so that we struggle the best for it. 

Many disagree exam but some may want to have exam so that we can evaluate how is our understanding on that field. Frankly, if its not exam we don't exam remember that certain things was taught by the lecturer inside class. So from another point of view we should be thankful too.

Finish exam will be continuing the essays and assignments i have so it would just be the same for me in April. Everything was fine now. There are some hiccups here and there but then I still feel ok about it. I'm happy so after this I needed to think how to pleased others as well. People I neglected or forget when i'm busy like my family. 

I really never forget God and be faithful to Him. But there are times i neglected it, may need to work on it. Praying is the best solution to connect with God. 

"As human we should know what we wanted no matter we could achieved it or not. The dream is what that makes us work and struggle for a better life. Dream may not come true, but if we do not dreamed there is not even a dream. So dare to have a dream of your own. "