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05 April 2011

April is not a Fool

Bye bye March...Its April..For uni students this means holiday is coming BUT before enjoy the greatness of holiday there are exam and final assignments. So, the brain must be function and squeeze to the limit so that before holiday our commitment to studies is done! Its really like a speed up car for me on this month. My list of things to do on this month :
  1. Finish up all my final assignments ( individual - 5 short essay and 2 long essay / group - 2 long essay )
  2. Exam ( 1 paper onli on 13 April but its not easy )
  3. Follow up for trip to Korea ( sponsorships, document, planning )
  4. Analyse data for my RA ( 4 chapter more - will cause a lot of head damage )
  5. Trip planning for both of us ( with no worries and jus fun - anywhere )
  6. PTPTN exception payment documentation
  7. Church on every Sunday and youth group gathering discussion ( daily food for my holy spirit growth )
  8. Back home , friends date and picnicking with coursemates
So there are 8 of it. Within one month, need to commit on it. Looking on it, really a lot but then each and every of it is my choice. On studies I've wanted to be success, on RA work i wanna earn money, on church thats my priority to God, on the trip is my way to gain experience and fun and meeting with friends and family is a way to show them my care. Its really part and parcel of the life where you need to commit and pay attention to. 

So when looking at all of these, Aprils is really not a fool but a fruitful month. If we were to see all these in a different ways, then It surely will goes better.