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15 April 2011


So my post for today isnt about measurements in a direct way but indirectly. Yup...Not really talking bout it but then its using the concepts.
  • Length : a distance from an end to the other end
  • Depth : a dimension taken through an object or body of material,usually downward from an upper surface, horizontally inwardfrom an outer surface, or from top to bottom of somethingregarded as one of several layers.
Thats a brief description about the length and depth. So we know that the usage of these two words is for measurement purpose. And it could be related to our life as well. On these days, our life is full of trials and unexpected problems. Besides our own private matters, there are global warming, cancer patient, AIDS, social problems, financial crisis and etc etc... Each and everyday of it is a learning process. And by learning it we gain the good and the bad effects. 

The length of life are usually measured by HOW much time or HOW long will we live in this world? People will be asking the duration of time we can spend on the Earth. And many assumed that by having a lots of time we could finished the things we make in our plan. We are able to make everything possible by the length of time. However, reality showed us that its not. We tend to waste our time when we have it. Although we knew time is precious like gold and yet we didnt cherish it. We just think we still have tmr, tmr and tmrrrrrr........ Don't forget its not us who can make the decision. Just like Japan earthquake that happened recently. We predict we make preventions but then in the end the outcome wont always comes our way. Its all in God's hand. For He created us to this world and gave lives to us. He already planned for us but he gaves us choices in every decisions we make.Thats fair enough.

So how about depth? The depth of life is HOW meaningful we make use of our life with the time that we had in every moments. Its quite abstract because it doesnt measure time like what length did. Its not about the duration or the period we have. Its what lies inside on the time we have. Every seconds in our life could be make used by spending it on the right things. The simple example we could see here by using a well. The water of the well is depends on how deep we dig the well. The more we dig the more we get. Just like our life. The more we explore it the more we get. Even if we have only one day, but spending it with quality could lead us learn different kind of things. Things that we may not see when we have a lot of time. Things that we wont get to know when we have a lot of time. 

For all the moments we had in life, we didnt take more steps to cherish the time we had. And after the time has past, we tend to think about it. Some may even regret about it. Thats why living in this world shouldnt be all about ourself. The word OUR means for me the selfish me. I strongly recommend that we live our life for YOU. You may refered to your relative, friends, enemies, strangers or an orphan. Sharing out the moments that God gave us to others, to ones you love. Because what happens tomorrow is not in our hand. At least, others could have a bit of the enjoyment we gave. Not much but its enough. Don't ever think what you did doesnt mean anything to others coz its too small. You'll never know how much it means.

So our life measurement is not about the length but its the depth that counts....The deeper you go, the more you gain.